Why is a resource page important for Search Engine Optimisation?


One very important part of search engine optimisation is building up the links that point to your web site. In order to increase this number, we need a page on which we can place reciprocal links. When exchanging links with another web site, it is a standard agreement that they will place a link to your web site if you place a link to their web site.

It is very important to place a link to the resources page, on every page of the site. This will maximise the importance of the resources page. The higher the importance of this page, the easier it will be for us to negotiate good links to your site.

This is because a powerful website linking to your website is going to expect a link in return. Tools are widely available for webmasters to measure the strength of your resources page. If it isn't strong, it will be difficult for us to acquire those links.


The Links Database contains web sites that have been verified by our link team to be good web sites for link exchanges. Each month links will be added to your site using exisitng web sites within our database. Our link building team will be also be finding links specifically suited to your web site. We have written our own software that allows us to identify web sites that meet our strict very criteria for inclusion in our link building program.

We have a dedicated Links Team whose job it is to identify these web sites. And that's all they do!

Semantically relevant web sites are those in your industry, or whose web site content includes keyword phrases relevant to your business.
We are continually finding a lot of Semantically relevant web sites, who meet our qualifying criteria. These web sites will promote you, but invariably require you to link back to them.